For self-employment professionals Benefits Driven by Excellence Through IIFM

India being approx. 130 Crs population it is very difficult to provide or get Job for all of them. As India is one of the fastest developing country in the world self-employment is one of the best approaches for any individual who wants to grow in his life. At IIFM we have two-point agenda on this part.

a. To establish driving as a profession.

b. To create maximum self-employment over and above on employment.

At present in our country there is no robust platform in an organised manner wherein Self-employment can be taken as self-sustained lively hood. There are certain E-Commerce company gave this larger opportunity to self-employment but again there is no proper alignment. IIFM is a fundamental platform which can ensure all the Government beneficial programs to reach out to these people and establish a proper link between employer, E-commerce company with drivers or driver cum owners.

Apart from that IIFM members will be covered under PA/Health insurance (Under consideration) and other personnel and professional benefits like-Advocacy, Routine training and grooming, Routine Health check-ups and behaviour analysis test, Monitoring of time bound career plan, Official representation for any concern and issues. Character certificate. etc, etc. Membership renewal on yearly basis.