Employer benefits driven by excellence through IIFM

Employer Benefits Driven by IIFM

1. For taking or hiring drivers, driver cum owners (self-employed), Auto mechanic or fleet executives (All level from supervisor till CEOs). From IIFM, companies will get well trained, skilled, certified domain experts with FPSC affiliation. IIFM is committed for social security to drivers and automobile mechanics while engaging Government social initiatives, Corporate CSR etc. Few of the personal and professional benefits are mentioned below at very minimal cost.

a. All fleet professionals who is member of IIFM will be issued with FPSC(Biometric Fleet Professional Smart Card). In that their entire career cycle will be recorded.

b. All drivers, DCOs and automobile mechanics will be covered with personnel accident insurance.

c. Health Insurance benefit is under consideration.

d. Routine training on defensive driving, grooming, advocacy etc.

e. Routine Health check-ups.

f. Half yearly behaviour analysis test.

g. Character certificate issued by Government authorised agency.

h. Police verification certificate.

i. All drivers, DCOs and automobile mechanics will have direct access with IIFM centralized call ceter number for their assistance, feedbacks or grivences. Same features can be provided to companies as well with the nominal fees.