Driver Benefits Driven By Excellence Through IIFM

At IIFM, Our mission is to create driver as a profession and at present, in our country, there is no robust program to define driver career. We understand that drivers look for more in their careers than just time on the road. In order to secure the top drivers in our industry, IIFM offers dynamic and attractive driver career opportunities in terms of their entire lifespan. We also offer our drivers the means to achieve the level of work/life balance they desire, including routes that are close to home or far from home. Our placements and driver compensation are among the best in the transportation industry.

Apart from that IIFM members will be covered under PA/Health insurance (Under consideration) and other personal and professional benefits like-Advocacy, Routine training and grooming, Routine Health check-ups and behaviour analysis test, Monitoring of time-bound career plan, Official representation for any concern and issues. Character certificate. etc, etc. Membership renewal on yearly basis.